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It's that time of year, the nights are drawing in and the mornings are taking longer to wake up, it's also time for The Great British Bake Off! Honestly, I love this time of year, the kids are back to school, I have reclaimed my quiet school hours for work and I can bring vino night forward to Tuesday... 'cos it's GBBO! (Any excuse)

I have been asked over and over when I will be applying to GBBO and whilst to begin with the idea petrified me, I'm now no longer able as one of the conditions is that you do not earn your living from baking,,,,,doh. However, before charging for my bakes I did go so far as to applying for GBBO......completed the application form, filled out all the bumpf, spent hours, only to realise I was a good week past the deadline cut off.....derrrrr! Ahh well, clearly I was not meant to meet Old Blue Eyes and my lovely Noel Fielding (convinced we were meant to be BFFs)….

In all honesty, I do not think I could cope with the stress and pressure the poor old Bakers have to deal with! I would certainly crack (& sweat!) under all that pressure and heat! Good luck to this year's contestants, who is your fave so far?! For the first time, I'm not sure I have a fave yet......apart from Noel of course!

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