Corporate Biscuit Pop

I'm Deb, chief designer, baker and decorator.....

As a kid I remember watching (& 'helping') my Mum bake through our 'hatch' waiting to lick the mixer (along with fighting with my little sis as to who got the best mixer!) however I was much better at the tasting than the baking! Aka 'the dustbin' I always loved food yet before leaving home I fell much more in the 'Rachel' category of cooking ("I wasn't meant to put beef in the trifle!"....if you know, you know) than the 'Monica' category...thankfully once cooking for myself this all changed and I branched out further than jacket potatoes (still my fave dindins!)!

Having always been artistic and loving any type of creating, after the birth of my two mini ladies I discovered a love of cake decorating.  I have self taught myself and now save the mixers for my girls.

You'll often find crazy kitchen discos happening in between bakes, dance offs regularly part of my baking process!

Check out my gallery to see the magic created in between boogies!  I can't wait to help you create your something spesh!